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Photos of Aeshna palmata — Paddle-tailed Darner

Read a blog post on differentiating this species from Aeshna umbrosa — Shadow Darner at Northwest Dragonflier.
Male; Camas Prairie, Wasco Co., Oregon, USA; 21 September 2007; posed.
Aeshna palmata 20070921_0021, Paddle-tailed Darner
Female—androchromatic; Lake of the Woods, Klamath Co., Oregon, USA; 13 September 2008; posed.
Aeshna palmata 20080913_0246, Paddle-tailed Darner
Female—gynochromatic; Union Co., Oregon, USA; 3 August 2009; posed.
Aeshna palmata 20090803_0091, Paddle-tailed Darner