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Photos of Odonata as Food

Aeshna palmata — Paddle-tailed Darner
Female preyed upon by mantid; Conboy Lake NWR, Klickitat Co., Washington, USA; 1 October 2003. Photos by Joe Engler.
mantid preys on Aeshna palmata, Paddle-tailed Darner
Lestes disjunctus — Northern Spreadwing
Teneral male preyed upon by a female Lestes dryas (Emerald Spreadwing); Scott Lake, Lane Co., Oregon, USA; 6 September 2008.
Lestes dryas preys on teneral Lestes disjunctus
Leucorrhinia hudsonica — Hudsonian Whiteface
Female caught in spider web; Scorpion Mountain, Marion Co., Oregon, USA; 20 July 2008.
Leucorrhinia hudsonica 20080720_0061, Hudsonian Whiteface
Argia vivida — Vivid Dancer
Teneral preyed upon by a robber fly (Diptera: Asilidae); South Fork John Day River, Grant Co., Oregon, USA; 21 June 2008.
Argia vivida 20080621_0075, Vivid Dancer
Libellula quadrimaculata — Four-spotted Skimmer
Female stuck to sundews (Drosera); Camas Prairie, Wasco Co., Oregon, USA; 3 July 2008.
Libellula quadrimaculata 20080703_0080, Four-spotted Skimmer