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Oviposition "dance" of Tramea lacerata - Black Saddlebags

Below is a series of photos of a pair of Tramea lacerata (Black Saddlebags) performing their oviposition "dance" in Grayson Co., Virginia, 30 May 2009. This behavior is performed by all members of the genus and occurs periodically, interrupting long tandem flights.
1. The male and female fly in tandem over a pond or lake where oviposition will take place.
Tramea lacerata 20090530_0083 ovipositing, Black Saddlebags
2. The male releases the female and she drops toward the water surface.
Tramea lacerata 20090530_0084 ovipositing, Black Saddlebags
3. The female taps the surface of the water once or more with the end of her abdomen, releasing eggs each time (notice ripples at lower right), then flies back up to the male where he grabs her to return to tandem flight.
Tramea lacerata 20090530_0085 ovipositing, Black Saddlebags